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Our History

We are not a typical ISP. We get your challenges and want help.

The right combination of corporate IT and carrier expertise

We started Qoya because the needs of business don’t seem to be understood by carriers. Small businesses often pay for services they don’t need, and large businesses don't get the services and products they need. Medium and large businesses also need a higher level of service. We offer dedicated teams with all of our offerings. These teams are comprised of engineers that are required to have a minimum of CCNP level of knowledge. They are knowledgeable and can make changes, such as adding routes, or diagnosing an odd issue with you. No more explaining what the slash is after the IP address. Our teams know you, your business, and your network. Your team is available 24/7. No more submitting a change request and waiting until the next day just to add a route. You know who to call, and they know you.

We are a combination of carrier and corporate IT professionals. We understand your challenge, because we've been there, and we are ready to help. Contact us; we are looking forward to working with you.