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LTE Backup Internet

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LTE Backup Internet

Keeping your business running.

LTE 100Mbps+ Backup Internet

Today business needs the internet. Whether it’s a law office, a hotel chain with 100 sites, or a used book store in a small town, the internet is essential. If the internet goes down, no email, no credit cards, no cloud based services, nada. If a pole is hit it doesn’t matter how good your IT staff is, they can’t fix the carrier. That’s where we come in. We keep you connected when your primary provider fails.

You might ask, ‘Why not just have another line put in from another carrier put installed?’ The answer is simple, they all go over the same poles and take the same path. If one pole goes down, all wired carriers go down. Not with Qoya! You can’t chop a radio wave. We will keep you connected. No data caps, no overages, no matter how long it takes to get your primary service restored.